Do you remember these TV Adverts?

We go back in time, to find the most memorable TV adverts from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s.

As human beings, we are naturally programmed to store all kinds of information from things that made us laugh, things that made us cry and things that just got stuck because it was repeated over and over again.

Now we take a trip down memory lane by looking back on some of the most memorable South African TV adverts.

1.Volkswagen always had a way of pulling on our heart string with their “it’s all about family” base adverts. [People’s Cars.]

2. Cremora – “It’s not inside, It’s on top! Need we say more?

3. Who can forget the famous Sasol Adverts? “ama-glug-glug”

4. Nestlé Hot Chocolate, Takes the brrr out of winter.

5.Dunlop Staffie SP33 Advert.

6. Wimpy ones had the most classic advert of all times, which to this day still brings smiles to the faces of all South Africans.

7. Spur People, People with a taste for life! It still has a good ring to it, and not much has changed over the years except the price of course…

8. LifeSavers – Who remembers why these fruity sweets had a hole in the middle??

9. Deadly Doom Advert…. We have all been there!!

10. The most adorable advert from Sta-Soft has to go to this little man explaining Sta-Soft’s 5-Steps process.


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